All of us at here at Bacari have an obvious passion for great food & beverage, served in a creative and hospitable environment. Another passion of ours, that is not so obvious, is our dedication to fighting hunger in Los Angeles, feeding the food insecure, the homeless, as well as feeding our frontline healthcare workers during this Covid19 crisis. With our annual initiatives and our close relationship with the LA Food Bank, Help Feed the Frontline, Gift a Plate, 86 Costs, and a variety of other organizations, fighting hunger and feeding our healthcare community is central to our mission at Bacari. 
Once the COVID closures happened, we took the opportunity to extend this arm of our organization and shift our focus from restaurant operations to a large scale prepped meal operation, providing over 3,000 meals per week to underserved communities. COVID has brought a lot of uncertainty and new challenges to our core business, but has also provided us the extended opportunity to be a larger force for good in our neighborhoods. We hope our participation has a long lasting positive impact.
If you are part of a community that is food insecure and you are in need of prepped meals, please do no not hesitate to reach out to us!

2316 South Union Ave. Los Angeles, CA   |  Tel. (213) 270-1276